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Strategic Science and Health Communication


Powering North America’s leading science and health-based organizations to share their stories with the world.

Recent Projects

In May, QW was the Lead Rapporteur and report writer for the world's first fully online Sustainable Development Goals conference: Canada's Together/Ensemble 2020.


An unforeseen positive consequence of this COVID-19 driven move to a virtual conference is the creation of online videos  of the whole event - a great educational resource!

The Quantum Blog

The most important science lesson of our lives

A Quantum Writing op-ed in the Globe and Mail: As parents worry about the school lessons kids have missed because of the pandemic, there’s one dinner conversation about COVID-19 that can make-up for any lost science lessons.

Let's Talk

The image above is the Eagle Nebula, including the Pillars of Creation—vast regions of interstellar gas and dust that are stellar nurseries. Similarly, writing is an emergent process, one that develops from nebulous idea to stellar finished product. Touch base and let’s talk about how Quantum Writing can energize your communications project.

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