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Quantum Writing offers more than two decades of experience turning highly technical scientific and health concepts into energetic, engaging, accessible language.

We turn facts into stories.

Clients trust Quantum Writing to deliver expertise and quick-turn-around to transform ideas into stellar finished products, from a full-length documentary script to a D.C. black-tie innovation celebration.
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At the heart of the Quantum Writing philosophy is the statement: Don’t dumb it down, story it up. Effective science and health communication begins with developing a powerful narrative framework. Quantum Writing delivers the rare ability to dive deep into complex content and quickly emerge with a clear narrative line and straightforward language chosen specifically for your target audience.


There is great social value in sharing science and health stories and information. Quantum Writing looks forward to working with you to help share your organization’s important stories with the world.

Jacob Berkowitz

Quantum Writing, the science-writing boutique Jacob Berkowitz created in 1999, popularizes the work of scientists at major science and health-based organizations in the United States and Canada. Berkowitz is an award-winning science author, writer, performer and educator. His writing combines a life-long passion for science and storytelling. He’s a Writer-in-Virtual-Residence at the University of Ottawa’s Institute for Science, Society and Policy.

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