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Don’t dumb it down, story it up.

Science and health communication that’s:
Engaging. Accessible. Powerful.

Quantum Writing delivers:


  • Strategic communications support and ideas from a writer and communicator with more than 25-years of experience with dozens of diverse science and health-based clients.

  • Excellent writing and popular storytelling to entertain and educate your target audiences.

  • Experience from work with hundreds of science, medical and engineering researchers.

  • Exceptional research, interviews, editing and fact-checking.  

  • Rapid turn-around and clear communication to ensure you meet deadlines and opportunities.


Quantum Writing offers a broad knowledge of both the scientific process and content in a diverse range of fields from astrophysics to zoonoses. This includes:


  • Life sciences

  • Biomedical research/clinical research/nuclear medicine

  • Health communication/public health

  • Behavioural sciences/neuroscience/psychology

  • Physics (particle, accelerator, nuclear, atomic, astro- and theory)

  • Astronomy/space exploration

  • High-performance computing/computational modeling

  • Natural history/evolution/ecology/paleontology

  • Geosciences/Earth Sciences

  • Invention/patents/innovation

  • Green tech/environmental sciences

  • Materials science

  • History of science and technology

  • Foresight (in the context of science, technology and the future)

  • Knowledge synthesis/knowledge transfer

  • Science policy and process

Content & Documents

Quantum Writing brings experience and expertise developing exceptional narrative science and health communication products in a wide variety of formats, including:


  • Film and video scripts from a two-minute YouTube video to a feature-length documentary.

  • Patient and clinician-education video scripts

  • Ceremony and event scripts

  • Website/digital content (including organizational overviews, blogs and social media)

  • Feature stories

  • Researcher profiles and success stories

  • Press releases, blogs, press campaigns

  • Policy documents

  • Newsletters and booklets

  • Conference reporting and summaries

  • Annual reports and related brand documents

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