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From particle physics to patient-education video scripts, clients rely on Quantum Writing for accurate, excellent, engaging writing.

Strategic Science and Health Communication

Quantum Writing will help focus your organization’s big picture messages and capture these in engaging, accessible writing.

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In 2017-2018 Quantum Writing worked closely with Vancouver-based TRIUMF, Canada’s National Particle Accelerator Centre, to write the first, single-voice facility description in the organization’s 50-year history. The 85,000 word, multi-tiered, description covers more than 50 experiments, collaborations and sub-facilities.

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Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

After creating the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR’s) Media Guide for researchers and staff in CIHR’s first year of existence, Quantum Writing was chosen to develop and write the narrative content for CIHR’s 10th anniversary Research Highlights publication.


When producers and directors need a science writer capable of deftly framing and telling a big, complex story.

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Title Entertainment

Ottawa-based film producer Title Entertainment hired Quantum Writing to distill and write the science story framework for the multi-award-winning feature documentary The Quantum Tamers, co-produced by the Waterloo-based Perimeter Institute.

Reframe Health Labs

Toronto-based Reframe Health Labs frequently partners with Quantum Writing to work with corporate, public and not-for-profit health clients across North America to create scripts for state-of-the-art patient, public and clinician-education videos.

U.S. National Inventors Hall of Fame

Two-minute video scripts developed for the U.S. National Inventors Hall of Fame that succinctly summarize the inventions and profile the inventors of technologies that define the modern world.


Quantum Writing enables organizations to take their science and health communication to a public stage with a powerful event that captivates, entertains and informs audiences.

National Inventors Hall of Fame

Since 2011, the U.S. National Inventors Hall of Fame has chosen Quantum Writing as its creative partner to develop, write and help produce its annual 500-person, D.C.-based black-tie Induction ceremony.

Feature Stories

Quantum Writing promotes science and health research by profiling your researchers’ passion and successes.

Big Data hits the Beamline by Jacob Berkowitz, P. 20
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Krell Institute

For more than a decade, Iowa-based Krell Institute has turned to Quantum Writing to synthesize complex physics and high-performance computing facts into compelling feature stories and profiles that are accessible to funders and prospective scientists. Read a sample.

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Canada Foundation for Innovation

In 2018, Quantum Writing produced a series of concise, engaging, online mini-features profiling Canada Foundation for Innovation-funded agriculture research projects across Canada.

Promotional Campaigns

Quantum Writing offers the expertise and experience to identify, write and edit attention-grabbing press releases, blog posts and other online content.

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American Institute of Physics

Quantum Writing turns complex physics into attention-grabbing press releases for the American Institute of Physics News Division

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Canadian Museum of Nature

Since 2017, Quantum Writing story edits and writes the social media copy for the Canadian Museum of Nature’s Research and Collections blog.  

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For three years, Quantum Writing curated, worked with university based researchers across Canada and wrote a series of popular biweekly press releases covering all aspects research funded by Canada’s Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC). Read a sample. 

Profiles and Success Stories

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Canadian Association for HIV Research

In 2017, Quantum Writing wrote the profiles of the inaugural winners of the Canadian Association for HIV Research’s Excellence in Research Awards.

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Child and Family Research Institute

Quantum Writing produced an annual series of research trainee profiles for the Vancouver-based Child and Family Research Institute (now the BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute).

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University of Ottawa

Quantum Writing supports the University of Ottawa in shining the public spotlight on its research successes.

Annual Reports

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Child and Family Research Institute

Quantum Writing researched and wrote the core content for Vancouver-based Child and Family Research Institute’s 2011-2012 narrative-driven annual report (now the BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute).

Specialty Publications

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Canadian Science and Technology

One in a series of three newsletters written by Quantum Writing succinctly profiling federally sponsored science and technology in Ontario.

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Parks Canada

Parks Canada hired Quantum Writing to research and write a unique, nationally distributed booklet of compelling stories about humans’ interaction with species-at-risk in national parks.

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