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Jacob Berkowitz is a master storyteller with a rare talent for turning lifeless and daunting technical information into an engaging, animated narrative...

— Bill Cannon, Creative Director, Krell Institute


Quantum Writing is a sought-after and trusted partner for leading public, not-for-profit, and private industry clients across North America, from Vancouver B.C., to Washington, D.C.
United States
  • National Inventors Hall of Fame

  • American Institute of Physics News Service (AIP)

  • Krell Institute (U.S. Department of Energy)

  • KnowInnovation

  • National Center for Atmospheric Research


  • TRIUMF: Canada’s National Particle Accelerator Centre

  • Waterloo Global Science Initiative 

  • Reframe Health Films (including the Dr. Mike series)

  • Policy Horizons (Canada’s federal futurist think-tank)

  • Canadian Association for HIV Research

  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research

  • Child and Family Research Institute (Vancouver)

  • Rideau Community Health Services

  • Canadian Museum of Nature

  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Council

  • National Research Council

  • Natural Resources Canada

  • Environment Canada

  • Parks Canada

  • Perimeter Institute

  • Social Sciences and Humanities Council

  • Canada Foundation for Innovation

  • Alberta Ingenuity

  • Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada

  • University of Ottawa


“Jacob has always brought fantastic energy, creativity and commitment to the projects we have worked on together. I may start with what I think is a promising idea, but Jacob makes the effort to polish it into a much better idea and a superb communications product.”

Hugh Thompson, Canadian Institutes of Health Research


Berkowitz is a gifted writer who draws his audience into the stories he weaves while maintaining an accurate account of the facts and relevant information. He provides keen insight in the conceptualization of projects.

Stéphane Bruneau, Parks Canada


"I wanted to say how well written and interesting the NSERC releases have been. Whoever creates them has a genuine talent for discovering what is interesting."

Globe and Mail science journalist


“Someone said you were the pen responsible for the half-dozen releases about presentations by NSERC-funded folk at the AAAS in St. Louis…Congrats. They were among the best I read of perhaps a hundred of such releases at the meeting—concise, informative and tempting."

Toronto Star science journalist

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